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PEB Steel Aims For A Green And Sustainable Future

News & Press releases - 10/01/2017

PEB Steel has been very active in the field of green development for a decade, creating cutting-edge materials and green pre-engineered steel buildings to meet the investors’ evolving requirements.

PEB Steel always aims for eco-friendly pre-engineered steel buildings

Through innovative development and eco-friendly initiatives, PEB Steel aims for a safer environment for all people.

Over the past few years, sustainable green concepts have gained more attention in Vietnam amid the emergence of green projects, ranging from high-rise condominiums and serviced apartments to office towers and industrial buildings steel buildings. This trend is set to continue on a greater scale with the introduction of new and innovative materials and technologies.

Doing business while striving to attain sustainability, PEB Steel has had many green initiatives, like reducing energy consumption, fostering healthy workplaces, and using recycled materials to minimise environmental impact. The firm has brought the latest international design codes from the US and Europe to deliver green-certified developments in Vietnam.

Currently, Vietnam has applied two primary green standards, including Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), developed by the US Green Building Council, and LOTUS by Vietnam Green Building Council. Taekwang’s Moc Bai plant in the south-western province of Tay Ninh is Vietnam’s first industrial project to become LEED Silver certified by adopting PEB’s sustainable measures.

As more investors switch to energy-efficient designs, PEB Steel has developed environmentally and economically sustainable construction solutions to fulfil their needs. The ridge ventilation system, for instance, allows hot air to escape faster, acting as a natural air conditioner. For the exterior, a material called PebLeedTM which can be utilised to lower the surface temperature by reflecting heat from the sun.

Another increasingly popular material is PebFoamTM for superior insulation. PebFoam is an eco-friendly and energy-saving product that is safe for both the environment and human health. The technology has been adopted by the Cyprian firm Medochemie Far East on their pharmaceutical project in the southern province of Binh Duong.

Mr. Sami Kteily, Executive Chairman of PEB Steel Buildings, said ‘green for life’ is the core value of PEB Steel because it is good for both the community and the country. Also, sustainable infrastructure will help support the natural ecosystem while simultaneously promoting human health.

“Vietnam has abundant natural resources, with hot air and strong wind everywhere. Therefore, going green will help investors to save on operation costs, as a green manufacturing facility will help reduce radiant heat, encourage natural ventilation, and provide a soothing environment for efficient productivity,” he added.

To promote green development in Vietnam, PEB Steel has its plans to localise its state-of-the-art materials in Vietnam. The firm is looking for qualified and high-standard suppliers and manufacturers across the country. The increasing localisation rate also helps PEB Steel to decrease transportation costs and fuel consumption.

PEB Steel is continuing its efforts to partner with some of the top green advisors, like Green Consult Asia and the reputable international green consultancy companies such as Archetype Group and Royal Haskoning, to customise and apply green concepts in the Vietnamese construction industry. PEB Steel has submitted their products to FM Global for FM Approved certificate, which ensures that their products conform to the highest standards for safety and loss prevention.

To remain ahead of the curve, Mr. Kteily said that PEB Steel will focus on improving materials by using green materials provided by trusted manufacturers.

PEB Steel has forged co-operation with some reputable green manufacturers such as Nippon Steel, to research and study new green materials that are suitable to the Vietnamese market. In this way the company hopes to benefit investors, in terms of energy cost savings and worker productivity.


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