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Pebsteel’s Five Standard Frames Of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

Expert opinion - 05/01/2022

1. Clear span

A Clear span frame in a pre-engineered building provides an open area without any structural support that helps the owner to stack items in various configurations without worrying about obstacles. Clearance is especially important in facilities where large items are stored. Inadequate space can make it harder to store supplies and may also make it difficult to move vehicles such as forklifts and delivery trucks. Therefore, a clear span frame is commonly used in the construction of industrial warehouses, aircraft hangars, auditoriums, etc. Like most prefabricated steel buildings, the clear span frame is durable, versatile, economical, and can be assembled very quickly.

2. Multi-span

A Multi-span frame consists of two or more spans across the width of the building. A pre-engineered building with a Multi-span frame is suitable for manufacturing plants and distribution centers. Columns can be placed wherever they are needed and are usually hidden in walls. Additionally, rafters and beams can be tapered or straight, providing multi-span buildings with design flexibility.

3. Built-up curved rafter

Built-up curved rafter is another standard frame of the pre-engineered buildings with curved steel structures that offers numerous advantages such as giving a special appearance to the building, providing natural light, and a sense of spaciousness and grandeur in public facilities. Contrary to some expectations, the construction of a built-up curved rafter is no more expensive than other frame structures. This kind of steel buildings finds popularity in the construction of airports, stations, shopping centers, sports halls, and recreation centers.
Standard Frames Of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

Built-up curved rafter creates a spectacular appearance for the buildings


4. Roof system

A Roof system frame for pre-engineered buildings consists of roof rafters, purlins and sheets specially designed to be installed on a planned or existing substructure. The substructure is usually made of concrete or masonry. It must be physically suitable for the required Pebsteel‘s anchor bolts and is designed for proper load transfer from the roof system to the foundation. A roof system frame is generally not economical compared to a complete pre-engineered building, especially for intermediate and large spans. This is because the rigid frame of a prefabricated steel building optimally distributes the stresses across the frame, resulting in a lighter and more economical overall structure, while in a roof system the stresses are concentrated at the mid span of the roof rafter which require heavier rafters.

5. PebHybrid

PebHybrid is a frame of steel buildings developed by Pebsteel. PebHybrid can save the rafter weight up to 20% as well as fabrication time when using cold-formed galvanized materials without welding or painting. PebHybrid is more environmentally friendly by optimizing the materials used and is convenient for delivery to construction sites.
5 Standard Frames Of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

PebHybrid – a super durable standard framing system

What is Pebsteel structure?

A pre-engineered building or pre-engineered steel building is a type of building of which steel components are manufactured at the factory with exact quantities and dimensions according to blueprint. After that, the steel components will be completely erected at the construction site.

Where can PEB be applied?

Pre-engineered buildings are becoming a new construction trend, applied in civilian, industrial, commercial, urban and military infrastructures. Models of Pre-engineered buildings are very diverse based on the size and needs of customers.


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