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PEB Steel – A Leader In Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Expert opinion - 09/01/2017

PEB Steel is a European-based company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of pre-engineered buildings. Since the first establishment in South East Asia in 1994, PEB Steel has constructed more than 6,000 buildings across Asia which served for a wide range of purposes, including factories, warehouses, showrooms, commercial and trade centers, supermarkets, sports stadiums, exhibition halls, aircraft hangars, etc.

In Vietnam, PEB Steel has 6 state-of-the-art factories and 3 sales offices in major cities such as Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Danang, enabling PEB Steel Vietnam to deliver its buildings in a very short time and at very competitive prices due to economies of scale.

So why should your project be designed, manufactured, and installed by PEB Steel?

1. Ultra-high capacity

PEB Steel has a huge capacity of 120,000 metric tons of completed pre-engineered steel per year, with a total of 7 fabrication facilities in Vietnam and Myanmar. These facilities are equipped with high-class machinery and technology, including fully automated, submerged arc welding lines from Lincoln, USA. In addition, PEB Steel can handle mega projects of more than 20,000 metric tons in only a few months.

All PEB Steel’s manufacturing factories are well-equipped and fully automated

One of the 6 modern manufacturing factories of PEB Steel Vietnam

2. High quality materials

Providing clients with high quality products is a high priority to PEB Steel. In terms of materials, clients can totally be assured that the materials used by PEB Steel are imported from Japan and Korea following ASTM standards – an international standard system that is set and developed to enhance performance and safety over a wide range of products, materials, systems, and services. The origin of these materials are also properly recorded so that their quality is strictly monitored and controlled.

3. One-stop solution

PEB Steel’s excellent engineering competency is controlled by more than 100 inhouse-engineers who can advise and provide tailor-made solutions to clients to meet their specific needs. Furthermore, the design is always in compliance with the latest international codes (IBC 2015, AWS 2015, AISC 2016, MBMA 2012, AISI 2013). With PEB Steel, all processes, from design to fabrication and erection, will be performed in-house and the progress of the project can be conducted seamlessly, leading to saving resources in terms of time and cost.

With more than 25 years of experience in the pre-engineered building industry and a team full of professional engineers, PEB Steel, including PEB Vietnam, is confident in providing solutions to satisfy client’s demands in any kind of their projects.


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