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Pebsteel: Building Base For Local Car Production

News & Press releases - 05/11/2018

Pebsteel Buildings is proud to have provided steel structures for the VinFast automobile manufacturing complex, the first of its kind in Vietnam by Vingroup.

The steel structures of Vinfast complex built by PEB Steel

The steel structures of Vinfast complex built by Pebsteel

Following a rigorous evaluation and selection process conducted by Vingroup, Pebsteel has become the largest supplier of steel structures for the complex. The company is also the sole foreign contractor to construct the pre-engineered buildings for VinFast’s massive production complex.

Leveraging its 24 years of experience gained across over 6,000 large-scale projects in many countries, Pebsteel has met several strict requirements and criteria, including technical qualifications, competency, progress, and quality. After ticking out all criteria, Pebsteel has embarked on the project in a professional, efficient, and responsible manner.

Mr. Sami Kteily, the Executive Chairman of Pebsteel, said that “We have developed a comprehensive plan for smooth coordination among the departments and Pebsteel factories from design to fabrication, supply, logistics, and erection. We have increased the budget allocation for the VinFast project as well as undertaken new initiatives at the job site to achieve construction safety and scheduled goals. In record time, Pebsteel has executed the work with a great deal of professionalism and very impressive safety practices on time with zero accident on record.”

Mr. Kteily further noted that Pebsteel’s factories have operated at a 150% capacity and run up two shifts in five continuous months to stay on track. Even during the national holidays or monsoon season, the company was competing with time to deliver the construction on time.

General manager of PEB Steel Hanoi – Mr. Truong Khoi Nguyen

General manager of Pebsteel Hanoi – Mr. Truong Khoi Nguyen

According to Mr. Truong Khoi Nguyen, General Manager of Pebsteel in Hanoi, Pebsteel has been involved in consultancy for VinFast from planning to execution. With 24 years of experience, the company has introduced a series of tailor-made solutions to optimize the usage of materials as well as alter the details to cater to the climate conditions on Cat Hai island (Hai Phong city).

To improve the quality of VinFast’s Escooter assembling workshop, Pebsteel also fabricates the steel structural frames with increasingly elevated strength resistance properties. As a result, the structural frames can increase strength resistance by 20 percent compared to the original design without raising the production cost.

Pebsteel is owned by European-based PEB Group, which has extensive experience in pre-engineered buildings. Furthermore, the Pebsteel team in Hanoi has professional management and leadership capabilities, along with creativity, so they have overcome many challenges to keep on track.

“We are proud of our skilled and qualified young workforce in Hanoi who are exerting goliath efforts to meet the stringent requirements. We are confident of participating in more prominent projects that require superb quality and premium services,” Nguyen said.

PEB Steel is the largest supplier of steel structures and structural frame for the VinFast automobile manufacturing complex

Pebsteel is the largest supplier of steel structures and structural frame for the VinFast automobile manufacturing complex after a rigorous selection process

With its impressive 335-hectare VinFast plant has become one of the Vietnam’s largest industrial projects to the date. The company will initially invest $3.5 billion in the manufacturing complex, which can produce 250,000 units a year. The complex is expected to roll out a five-seater sedan model, a seven-seater sports utility vehicle model, and an electric motorbike model meeting European standards during the first stage.

As Pebsteel has been entrusted by the Vietnamese group, the company has made efforts to set up a new benchmark for the VinFast manufacturing complex. Pebsteel consists of eight fabrication facilities, including six state-of-the-art factories in Vietnam, one factory in Myanmar, and one joint venture in India that boast a total capacity of up to 120,000 metric tonnes of completed pre-engineered steel annually. This huge capacity enables Pebsteel to deliver pre-engineered buildings in a very short time and competitive prices due to “economies of scale.”

Moreover, Pebsteel has teamed up with the project managers, the investors, and the subcontractors to bring the work to the next level. Following the development of the VinFast project, Pebsteel is poised to handle a large volume of work to meet the international standards with ultra-fast progress.

Through its excellent track record, Pebsteel has greatly contributed to the seamless process and the successful completion of the VinFast automobile manufacturing complex. As VinFast’s plans and ambitions go beyond setting up a car company, it is laying the foundations for Vietnam to become a strong car manufacturing nation.

Pebsteel is honored to join this landmark project that puts Vietnam on the global car map.


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